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Competitive Shooters

Competitive Shooters

By May 1, 2019May 3rd, 20192 Comments

As a service for you, we can measure your rifles free bore so we can produce a cartridge that is as close to the rifling lands as possible. Then produce a single batch of Match Grade ammunition with brand new, top of the line components made to your specifications or ours, your choice. We then measure base to ogive with a micrometer to get you the amount of ammunition you want that is exactly the same length. We also weigh each round and run a uniforming tool on the meplat if needed. The finished product is a cartridge that is as close to perfect as it gets. This allows the shooter to spend more time shooting and less time hand loading.  


  • Jacob Baker says:

    Thanks for the great food at the match, this week. Really enjoyed it. I just started to get into this long rang shooting and I absolutely Love it. Just got a new rifle and would like to see what kind of load you can come up with, for me and my rifle. I shot a 6.5 creedmore.

  • Dell Hallmark says:

    I was a good match. We met a lot of great people and finally got to see the course at 7Foxtrot. That is a nice facility.
    Call me or message me on FB and we can get a load worked up for you. We have done quiet a few 6.5 loads and have been very happy with the product.
    We look forward to working wit you.
    Best regards,
    Dell Hallmark

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