About Us

The True Ballistics Way

True Ballistics, LLC was established in 2017 by Dell Hallmark in Kenedy, Texas. It is no secret that anyone can achieve better results by handloading their own ammunition for various purposes. However, handloading can be time-consuming and costly, depending on the quality of tooling and components, as well as the type and quantity of ammunition.

A shotshell reloader with a few hundred high-quality hulls, acquired inexpensively, and a reloader handed down to them, might save money and achieve excellent results. On the other hand, a handloader considering the purchase of a brand-new press, several die sets, and new components may not see a return on their investment for quite some time if they’re only reloading a few boxes annually. As a result, shooters face a dilemma: pay exorbitant prices for “high quality” ammunition or settle for mass-produced, inconsistent ammunition that may not reliably hit its target.

True Ballistics was founded with the shooter in mind. With high-speed loading machines designed for both speed and quality control, coupled with a crew committed to manufacturing and packaging only top-tier ammunition, True Ballistics delivers handload-quality results at competitive market prices. They are devoted to providing shooters everything they need to excel both in the field and on the range. To cater to diverse needs, True Ballistics offers a variety of loads. Moreover, all True Ballistics loads undergo testing on-site in a 200-yard underground facility to guarantee safety and precision.

During a recent ammunition shortage, when supplying customers with True Ballistics products became challenging, the company started stocking other trusted name brand ammunitions. This ensured that shooters had a reliable source for their ammunition needs. True Ballistics is passionate about ensuring shooters have the best possible experience with their firearms. They firmly believe that ammunition is the most crucial factor for accuracy and dependability. Their mission is to provide customers with as many options as possible, ensuring success when it truly counts.

The Team