300 Winchester Magnum PRVI-Partizan Soft Point 165 Grain Jacketed Soft Point (20 Count)


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PRVI Partizan’s 300 Winchester Magnum 165 grain Soft Point ammunition is purpose-built for hunting applications. Featuring a soft point projectile, this cartridge ensures controlled expansion upon impact, optimizing energy transfer to the target for effective terminal performance. With a 165-grain weight, it strikes a balance between velocity and bullet weight, making it suitable for a variety of game, including medium to large-sized animals. Recognized for its reliability and accuracy, PRVI Partizan ammunition is meticulously crafted to meet the needs of hunters seeking consistent and ethical performance in the field. Whether pursuing big game or engaging in precision shooting, the 300 Winchester Magnum 165 grain Soft Point load provides a dependable option for hunters looking for both power and precision.


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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 3.5 × 1.5 in
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300 Winchester Magnum





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WARNING: Keep out of Reach of Children. LEAD WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning, and handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure. WARNING: Use only ammunition and firearms in good condition and of exact specification. Use only the correct ammunition for your gun. If you are unclear about which ammunition is appropriate to safely use in your firearm, consult the firearm’s owner’s manual, and/or contact the firearm manufacturer for further guidance. Read and understand your firearms operational manual. Wear eye and ear protection at all times. Inspect ammunition prior to use and properly dispose of cartridges that show signs of physical damage, such as corrosion, deep dents and/or scratches, etc. If in doubt, do NOT chamber or fire the ammunition. Store in a cool, dry place.